Verstappen confesses: I barely passed my driving test, here’s why

1 year ago

Max Verstappen, a Dutch Formula 1 driver for Red Bull and a two-time world champion, revealed an intriguing question about his past. He acknowledged that obtaining the license had not been simple for him.

He intended to earn his driver’s license after turning 18 in 2015, but things didn’t go smoothly for him during the practical test. Because obtaining my license was crucial to me, I felt under pressure, Verstappen admitted.

“As it should be, the instructor was very strict and tough with me. Anyway, I ran into a few minor problems. On two occasions, I neglected to give another car priority.

“I explained that there was no purpose in stopping so far away because the other cars were far enough away to give them priority. Fortunately, the teacher accepted my explanation, “Verstappen said.

This incident demonstrates why the Dutch pilot never lets up when he is engaged in a fight with another pilot. To always take the lead…