Alonso: Verstappen’s two titles are worth more than Hamilton’s 7

1 year ago

The British Mercedes driver and seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton has been injured once more by the Spanish pilot Fernando Alonso.

He believes that Max Verstappen is a superior driver and that the two championships won by the Red Bull driver are more valuable than those won by Hamilton.

“Only his colleague, first Nico Rosberg, then Valtteri Bottas, has won more championships than Lewis, with seven.

The titles Verstappen gained by defeating Hamilton or Charles Leclerc himself have less worth than those won by defeating competitors from other teams, according to Alonso.

“I believe it’s more challenging to defeat a competitor with a distinct car than one that looks similar to yours. Hamilton’s championships were certain for years since Mercedes had a car that was vastly better to those of its competitors.

While Verstappen won the previous two years, the challenge this time around was more open and competitive, according to Fernando Alonso.