Dana White also gets the license for the Power Slap League, but with one condition

1 year ago

The Nevada Sports Commission gave the “OK” to the creation of the Power Slap League, a tournament that will be led by Dana White, the president of the UFC. A League that is expected to start in January, even though there are many doubts about this event.

Many documents have been created to ensure the life of athletes, who should remain defenseless at the moment someone slaps them on the head. However, the Nevada Sports Commission gave its approval for the creation of this League.

“The main thing is that no one dies from the hard blows that will be given with the palm. The health of athletes is important. The commission analyzed everything for a long time and made a fair decision, for an event that is expected to be spectacular”, said Dana White, the president of the UFC, but from January, the “Power Slap League” will also be under its patronage.

This event has been followed by a lot of criticism, as there are those who think that a slap in the face can cause damage to the brain or ears. That’s why Dana White had to work hard to get the license. During the last years, only one person has lost his life in such amateur events.