The former Spain coach on the remaining teams in the World Cup and his future

1 year ago

The former Spain coach Luis Enrique spoke during a live Twitch of the experience at the World Cup but also of his feelings for the future that could see him again at the helm of a team, even if this time it would be a club.

On the exit from the Qatar tournament: “The criticisms? I always tell the players that they have to appreciate that those who criticize them admire them. They decide to let off steam behind a screen. That person admires you, but doesn’t know the damage he’s doing to you,” he said explained Luis Enrique.

“The possible final? I don’t want to repeat France-Croatia. It would be nice if Morocco won. I feel we missed a very good opportunity because the group was very good. I look at the semi-finalists and I don’t see anything better than us.

“I feel very bad for the players. From day one we tried to convince the players that there was a real chance of a final victory. In the first stage we were at a good level. Against Morocco it was difficult for us to score. It’s me manager”.

As for his future, Luis Enrique is open to returning to the helm of a club: “I want to coach, I want to join a club and be able to develop with greater finesse and precision what I haven’t been able to do in the national team.”