He shocked the world with his gesture, Martinez explains why he did it

1 year ago

Emiliano ‘Dibu’ Martinez has been voted best goalkeeper of the World Cup. After withdrawing the golden glove, on stage, he thought it was a good idea to use that object to make a rude gesture that outraged the whole world.

Shortly before, after saving Coman’s penalty, the Aston Villa and Argentina goalkeeper had performed the penguin dance. Before explaining his gesture, Martinez spoke of the penalties: “I lived them calmly. They had already scored me three goals, but immediately afterwards I think I did a good job.”

Then he confides: “The rude gesture with the golden glove? I did it because the French booed me. Pride doesn’t work with me ”he candidly told Argentine radio La Red.

Martinez was somewhat the negative protagonist of the Albiceleste party. Washed out three times (plus a penalty during the final lottery) by Mbappè, the Argentine goalkeeper remembered him while he was celebrating in the locker room: “A minute’s silence for Mbappè who is dead”. If you’re looking for elegance, look elsewhere.