McGregor infuriates World Cup fans with his comment about the shocking fight (Video)

1 year ago

Another absurd statement from Conor McGregor. The Irish mixed martial arts champion has posted a video on social media of a serious brawl between English and Welsh fans, who will meet on Tuesday (November 29) for the final and deciding Group B match of the FA Cup. the world.

Kicks, punches, wooden benches flying and breaking on the backs of the participants in the fight… Truly terrible images, but which seem to have excited the imagination of the Irishman, who commented below the video: “Put me in coach?”.

It’s practically offered to make trouble for fun, causing outrage to explode on social networks. McGregor who, in terms of his professional career, is not doing very well as he has not yet recovered from the broken leg after losing to Dustin Poirier in July of last year.

Returning to the post made by him and the controversy it caused, it was McGregor himself who decided to delete the post made.