Fury confesses: I fell into pessimism after I retired, got an acting offer from Stallone

1 year ago

Tyson Fury, a British boxer, claimed that following his choice to retire from fighting, he nearly fell into a depressive episode for four months. The world heavyweight champion declared he would not fight again after defeating Dillian Whyte at Wembley in April of this year.

This circumstance seemed to have left a void in Fury, who made the decision to return. He’ll face off against Dereck Chisora on December 3.

“When a man decides to leave the sport, it was expected that I would cross the bridge of farewell. I have had four consecutive months of extremely bad moral behavior.

“Even though I had a lot on my plate, including writing a book, recording a song, producing a documentary for Netflix, and touring cities, I still didn’t feel completely satisfied or like I had gotten the most out of boxing,” the author said. rage stated.

“After I finally stop boxing, I’m not really sure what I’ll do. I’m currently concentrating on the satisfaction that this phase of my career is bringing me “said Fury while participating in a television interview with Sylvester Stallone, a well-known actor.

The latter thinks the British boxer would make an excellent lead in his movies. If Stallone asked me to be a part of a movie, I’d say yes. I would be excited to investigate it.

“Who better to assist me in this career than Mr. Rocky Balboa himself. I grew up watching him on television. It would be a fantastic chance for me to take action,” Fury remarked.