Watch what Fury and Chisora do after the fight

12 months ago

After finishing the duel between them in the ring, the two British boxers Tyson Fury and Dereck Chisora, gathered in a room and enjoyed a hamburger.

Photos and videos published after the duel, with the two boxers enjoying a hamburger in one of the rooms of the Tottenham stadium, are going around the world.

In the duel held in London, Tyson Fury defeated Dereck Chisora by technical KO in the tenth round, defending the world heavyweight champion (WBC) title. A challenge dominated by Fury, who remains undefeated in his career.

This was the third challenge between them and in all three cases Fury won, who has always expressed that he has maximum respect for Chisora. The relationship between them is quite good, which is also confirmed by the conversation after the duel, enjoying a fast food.

“I’m enjoying this hamburger, but my body hurts,” Chisora says in the video. “That’s normal after all those punches,” Fury retorts dominating the challenge, giving his patriot a flurry of punches.