Mike Tyson intrigued by new drug: ‘I would love to be a guinea pig for that’

1 year ago

Mike Tyson has claimed that he would be willing to be subject for experiment as part of a new trial for a psychedelic drug called DMTX.

The former heavyweight boxing champion would not hesitate to give the green light for the aforementioned drug to be injected into his bloodstream.

“It’s not been widely publicised yet but it’s called DMTX,” Tyson told British expert and author Graham Hancock.

“As you know DMT is a quick journey, it’s 12, 15 minute journey. A rocket ship to the other side of reality.

“They have found a technology to basically deliver DMT by drip to volunteers. And those volunteers are making extended journeys in the DMT realm. They are coming back with the same observations.”

N,N-Dymethyltriptamine (DMT) is considered as one of the world’s most powerful hallucinogens along with other known drugs such as LSD and psilocybin.

Hancock explained that these journeys could last for about an hour and stressed that the Imperial college in London could be interested in discussing more details with Tyson.

“I could be one of those guinea pigs,” Tyson added.  “I would love to be a guinea pig for that.”