Former Brazilian player: “We’re out of the World Cup because of him”

1 year ago

The elimination of Brazil from the World Cup has caused great disappointment and anger in the South American country. One of the most angry was former footballer Ze Elias, who had a harsh reaction to coach Tite.

“Unfortunately, Brazil is out of the World Cup and I’m sorry, I would have liked a Brazil-Argentina semi-final. Brazil played a good game, but Croatia deserves a lot of credit.

“Dalic studied the weak points of Brazil and played without reference points in attack. Brazil did not understand anything. Tite showed some terrible shortcomings”, said Ze Elias.

“Even in the last World Cup, in 2018, we lost against Belgium because of his fault and now the same thing happened. He came to the World Cup saying he had a plan A, B, C, D, E. But he didn’t he did nothing, he always did the same things.”

On Brazilian talent: “The Brazil is no longer that of Ronaldo, Rivaldo or Ronaldinho, players who single-handedly decided matches when the going got tough. Brazil suffers and will suffer for a long time because these players are not more”.