Flick under pressure. Chaos for Germany after early elimination.

1 year ago

Anger, disappointment, surprise. This is how Germany woke up after being eliminated, for the second time in a row in the group stage of the World Cup. It happened in 2018, it happened again in 2022. Everything after they lifted the trophy in 2014.

In Germany, they have a hard time understanding why those players who shine with Bayern Munich in the Champions League, encounter difficulties in the national team? Neuer, Kimich, Goretzka, Muller, Sane, Gnabry, Musiala: there were 7 Bavarians in the team, but the only one who stood out was Musiala, the youngest and the one who has won the least. Apart from him, the others were not seen, they were not decisive. They betrayed again.

TEAM – The main German media shows since the defeat against Japan in the debut for a team divided into many groups. Bayern vs. Dortmund players (5 of them), youth vs. veterans, attack vs. defense. “The end of a cheating team” headlines Sport1, which raises the finger of accusation against the behavior of the players. “In the group there were players who have won the Champions League, who have dominated the Premier League, who have been world champions, but nothing worked.” There is no calm in the dressing room, so much so that against Japan, Flick was criticized for the decision to remove Gundogan, the best on the pitch, to bring in Goretzka. “A decision made not to upset the Bayern player and not for technical-tactical reasons”, accuse the media.

According to them, Flick has been very good with the players, an accusation that was also made against Joachim Loë in the past. The technician is also accused of not realizing that the moment had come to change the way of the game, since Klose retired, Germany does not have a real striker in the area. Missing goals. The press had requested the introduction of Fullkrug instead of Myller, but the coach did not listen. Result: The first in 66 minutes played scored two goals and gave one assist. The Bayern player played more than his triple, (204 minutes) without scoring or providing any assists.

Here too, the coach’s decisions were influenced by the name of the players and not their current condition. For this reason, the atmosphere in the dressing room was so heated that the German Football Federation decided that the team should immediately leave Qatar, as of Friday. “With the mood we have, it makes no sense to stay here one more day”, – explained the sports director of the German national team, Liver Bierhoff. There is a feeling that some players the less they hang out with each other the better.

FEDERATION – The German Football Federation and Bierhoff are under accusation: “The controversy about the ribbon with the colors of the rainbow was not done at the right time, and it reached the point where it became the main argument between the players a few hours before the debut with Japan”, the media write. Bild is very tough. “December 1, 2022 is what represents the end of a great footballing nation. Four times world champions, 3 times European champions. But all this is no more. And responsible for this are the federation, the coach and the players. Bierhoff failed in the task of bringing Germany back to the top. Between the World Cup and the European Championship, it is the third major tournament where we fail miserably”.

Kicker and Bild also underline the fact that Spain did everything to avoid winning the match with Japan. “This is how you benefit the Spaniards.” Even Myller specified, “only theoretically we had our fate in our hands, since if we had won 8-0 we would have passed with 100% but even if you are in shape, winning with that result is not easy.

There was a feeling that the passage of the tour depended on us, but in reality the match between Spain and Japan was decisive in case of victory of the Asians”. The behavior of Luis Enrique’s team has been noticed and highlighted in Germany, but it has been a long time since the German national team let down, to explain the elimination alone.

Rudiger, meanwhile, tried to divert attention from the Spain match: “We have to think about ourselves, the loss against Japan weighs heavily. Even in a decisive match like the one against Costa Rica, we conceded two goals. In terms of defense, we didn’t do well, we don’t function. Having talent is not enough, I hope everyone understands that now. You have to be wild, hungry.” Even Kimich criticizes himself: “We can’t always talk about bad luck. In recent years, we have wasted many chances, and in my opinion, even in this challenge, we could have won 8-0”.