La Liga calls for immediate sanctions for Juventus

1 year ago

“Following the resignation of the Juventus board of directors, which took place late in the evening of Monday 28 November, LaLiga is calling for the immediate application of sporting sanctions against the club.” This is what we read in a note from the top Spanish football league, regarding the facts related to the resignation of the board of directors of the Juventus club yesterday evening.

LaLiga has already filed an official complaint against Juventus to UEFA in April 2022, in which it reported violations of financial fair play rules that are being investigated by the Italian Guardia di Finanza. In particular, the complaint accuses Juventus of having accounted transfers above their fair value and of underestimating employee expenses, in violation of UEFA’s financial fair play. Furthermore, the complaint accused Juventus of having hidden the true cost of its players’ wages.

“Last Monday, in the same note issued by the Board of Directors, the representatives of Juve acknowledged very serious accounting irregularities, also aimed at deceiving the UEFA authorities for financial fair play, among other things”, continues the Spanish football body against the club chaired until yesterday by Andrea Agnelli.

“LaLiga, with the aim of promoting financially sustainable football in Europe, supports these allegations against Juventus and demands that the competent authorities apply immediate sporting sanctions against the club. LaLiga has long been a major proponent of establishing, implementing and enforcing rigorous financial sustainability standards in football. In April this year, LaLiga filed a financial fair play complaint with UEFA against Juventus, but also against Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain.

“The Spanish competition itself has been applying its ‘financial control’ rules for almost a decade, at the request of the clubs that make up LaLiga. Financial sustainability is essential to protect the football business. We protect our football,” concluded La Liga.