Huge problems surface in the Belgium camp following their loss against Morocco

1 year ago

After the Morocco loss, a livid Jan Vertonghen gave an explosive interview stating that he wanted to say a lot of things but could not. Belgium conceded two poor goals on the day, which did not sit right with Vertonghen. “In the end we conceded two identical goals on the set piece, twice at the near post. Balls that should never go in,” Vertonghen was quoted as saying by Daily Mail.

“There’s so much going through my mind right now, things I shouldn’t say in the open air. I don’t think we created any chances. Where did it go wrong?” he further added. De Bruyne had bluntly said that Belgium were not in the best shape to win the trophy and that has been apparent in the first two matches, where they have not been potent in terms of attacking the ball.

“We probably also attack badly because we are too old, that must be it now, surely? We have a lot of quality up front, but so does Morocco, and they came out better today. This is very frustrating,” the defender concluded. Belgium have to win their next fixture and hope that one among Morroco and Croatia drop points in their next game.

All does not seem to be well in the Belgium camp at the moment after their monumental loss against Morocco in the FIFA World Cup. Belgium, last edition’s third place holder, fell to a 2-0 defeat against Morocco that threatens them of getting knocked out of the tournament. In an interview with The Guardian, de Bruyne said that Belgium’s team was too old to win the FIFA World Cup this time around.