The curse of the cat falls on Brazil: they should not have done that

1 year ago

Where was the samba and caipirinhas? Farewell to Brazil from the World Cup! This Friday saw one of the biggest surprises in World Cup history as the Selecao found themselves out of the World Cup against Croatia, something memes celebrate by reminding South Americans of the “Curse of the Cat”.

Social networks have trended everything related to the elimination of the five-time world champions, with memes dedicated to Brazil, Neymar and Dani Alves, among others.

Although Brazil has millions of followers around the world, there are also many who are happy about his failure and therefore they dedicate memes to him in bulk. And don’t forget that Brazil has gone 20 years without winning the World Cup. Among the memes is certainly the revenge of the cat!

That cat that was in the press conference before the match against Croatia, the manager of the Selecao caught it and threw it down, while it was standing on the conference table. A scene that seemed to be funny but not so much as it seemed like mistreatment of the domestic animal that was neither making noise nor interfering…

Precisely this scene went viral and there were endless controversies and accusations of animal abuse. Apparently, that action “sunk” Brazil against Croatia and cursed those missed penalties…

Although the cat was not hurt and the manager justified it by explaining that cats are caught like that, the brutality with which he had thrown it to the ground had raised a lot of controversy, drawing criticism from animal rights activists, but not only. Now the bill is presented to Brazil, in the form of ‘revenge’ of the abused cat.

Another non-secondary element enters into this narrative of history, precisely the place where the episode took place, Qatar, an Islamic country. In the Muslim religion, in fact, the cat is a sacred animal, considered domestic: devotion to the cat can be traced back to the prophet Muhammad.

Cats enjoy a privileged position and the streets of Doha are full of these animals. Any mistreatment of them is considered deserving of divine punishment as a sin.

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The “sexiest fan” of the World Cup, Ivana Knoll, has reacted to Croatia’s victory over Brazil. Although Ivana supported other national teams during the World Cup, her heart still beat for Croatia. After the match she was seen celebrating as she mocked the Brazilians for their traditional dances.

Through a post on Instagram, Ivana is seen in the video dancing with the inscription “do the dance on the way home”, referring to the fans and the Brazilian team.

Also, she has again become part of the pink media, as she appeared in the stadium dressed very provocatively. The fan was wearing a pair of sneakers and a pair of leather leggings similar to the flag of the Croatian national team.

Croatia drew against Brazil with the score 1-1 in 120 minutes (regular time + overtime) and after penalties the Balkans were more accurate, thus cutting a ticket to the semi-finals.