That time Shaq… blackmailed Beckham: “David I have it and I want a million!”

1 year ago

Ever since David Beckham moved overseas with his whole family, first to play for the Los Angeles Galaxy and then to become Inter Miami’s number one once hi retired, the Englishman has fully embraced the part of the… Hollywood star.

Between California and Florida, the former United, Real, Milan, PSG and England midfielder lives a life worthy of a cinema legend. He, Victoria and all the large family of children are now stars and stripes by adoption.

And therefore, when something happens, they are treated like ordinary Americans…or almost, as explained by one of the legends of basketball made in USA, Shaquille O’Neal.

Some time ago Shaq, one of the most dominant centers in basketball history, found himself on the couch on the Late Late Show with James Corden with Victoria Beckham. And “The Big Aristotle” told of when he found David’s wallet on the street.

“One day I was walking in Beverly Hills and found a wallet. Usually, when I find one, I take whatever money is there and throw it away. But this was a really nice wallet, so I look at it and it says David Beckham on it.

“I think to myself ‘no, it can’t be’, but I looked at the documents and they were indeed David’s!”. Good fortune for Becks. But since everything is to be expected with Shaq, the story does not end there.

“I didn’t want to go to him and leave it at the entrance of the house, so I looked for him. In fact, I pranked him first.” That is, to ask for a ransom for the wallet.

“‘I’ve got your wallet, I’ve got your wallet. And it’s going to cost you a million dollars to get it back.’ But he knew it was me and he said ‘Shaq, stop playing.’ And I said ‘David, I found your wallet’ and he came to me to take it back”.

It might seem like a made-up thing, if Victoria wasn’t next to O’Neal to confirm everything. “Of course I knew that story. And David loses his wallet all the time, I had to buy him one with a chain to prevent that from happening.” But luckily, not before Shaq could play a trick on him…