Scaloni criticizes Holland: ‘We know how to win and lose…’

12 months ago

Everything is ready for the semifinals of the World Cup in Qatar. Argentina is awaiting the match against Croatia and the Albiceleste coach, Lionel Scaloni, presents the match at a press conference: “If we do the things we have to do, it will be easier to reach our goal. It will be a very difficult game, they really play as a team. They have great players. We have a marked way of playing, although we have to take into account how the opponent plays. We talk to the players, discuss and share the feelings that each of them has.”

CROATIA – “We hope to give our best as we always do. We have analyzed Croatia a lot, it has made things difficult for many teams. We work to know where we can attack them and hurt them. Modric? It’s a pleasure to have him on the pitch and he you watch him play. Not only for his talent, but also for his respect.”

NETHERLANDS – “The match the other day was played as it should have been played. This is football. There are moments when the game can become difficult, with discussions. There is a referee to dispense justice… We know how to lose and win. We lost the first match against Saudi Arabia and went quietly to the hotel to continue preparing for what would come next.

We won the Copa América in Brazil and gave itself the most beautiful image of sportsmanship that could be seen , with Neymar, Messi, Paredes and other players sitting on the steps of the Maracana. I don’t think we don’t know how to win. We have to ban all these things that have been said because we have pride. This issue needs to be resolved. We deeply respect Holland, Croatia and everyone rivals. It’s an imprint we have.”

LONG RECOVERIES – “This concession of eight, nine, ten minutes creates a bit of insecurity in the team that is winning. It has been seen in many games. It’s a new situation, I’m not saying it’s right or unfair, and it will certainly become more natural. Giving all these minutes off creates a bit of uncertainty. You have to work on this, moments are the ones that rule and not all teams are the same. It was difficult against the Netherlands because they started throwing balls into the box.”