Rummenigge: “Football is sick because of this person”

1 year ago

Karl Heinz Rummenigge, the unforgettable star of Bayern Munich and former managing director of the Bavarian company, of which he still represents an authoritative voice, gave a long interview to Corriere della Sera, in which he also expressed himself on the subject of Superlega, launching a decisive attack on against Andrea Agnelli, president of Juventus. It was Rummenigge himself who chose the number one of the Juventus club as his successor as president of the ECA.

«The economic crisis in Barcelona and Juve demonstrates how the Super League was a move of desperation. And even the amateurish way in which they presented it proves it. The Champions League remains the most loved competition. I didn’t understand why someone like Andrea Agnelli, who always gave me the impression of being intelligent, acted like this», said Rummenigge about the controversial project.

On the declarations of a sick football, often associated with the choice to go down the Superleague route, the former CEO of Bayern added: «Thanks to whom? Also thanks to Agnelli himself. City and PSG, this is the reality, have drugged the market with money from foreign states, bringing the market out of control more and more every year. Bayern has a different philosophy, always with a positive balance for 30 years».

On the secret of the Bavarian club to remain at high levels with the accounts in order, Rummenigge has clear ideas: «We want to win but without asking the banks for money, following the German mentality. We invest what we earn. And the fans have a responsibility, even financial, in the clubs».

He still closes on the Superlega and on the CEO of A22 – the company behind the tournament – ​​Bernd Reichardt: «He was CEO of RTL. But regardless of the December 15 decisions of the Court of Justice of the European Union, the Super League is dead: no German, English or French will ever do it. The Italians? I know Marotta well and I know that he would like to earn something more. But at what price?’