Paris finds itself in a state of alert for France-Morocco: 5,000 agents and anti-terrorism measures

12 months ago

After Argentina-Croatia, it’s time for the second and final semi-final at the Qatar World Cup: France-Morocco closes the circle before Sunday’s final and does so in the most unexpected and expected way. Against the reigning champions and the discovery of the tournament, in an almost endless loop of conspiracies that are turning the game into a derby of epochal proportions, with references increasingly linked to non-football themes, which are fueling the challenge. .

The African world sees itself again in the national team led by Regragui, ready to impress once again in the most delicate and difficult moment: to face what is considered the best first team so far and which should challenge the ambitions her against Argentina than Leo Messi already qualified after the success against Croatia.

But behind the tale of Morocco is also the entire Arab world and beyond: millions of immigrants who have settled in various European countries today find themselves united behind the striking red and green colors of Qatar. Among the main communities is precisely the French one, which counts over one million and 500 people with dual passports who will cheer for Amrabat and his friends.

News of a veritable stadium exodus has been recorded in recent hours: the anticipation has grown ever greater as the rush to the Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor where the match will be played has begun. At least 15 thousand spectators are expected, all cheering for the Regragui national team, in a full stadium, where another 15 thousand ‘neutral’ fans…

Earlier in the week, to support the many fans who want to be present in the stands, the Moroccan national airline, Royal Air Maroc, had organized up to 30 special flights, which were later canceled by the Qatari authorities…

An atmosphere of celebration and anticipation, which, however, can also hide a dark side that cannot be coped with. Thus, even in the face of the not-so-beautiful precedents that occurred with the victory over Belgium in the group stage of this World Cup, the French government decided to immediately move. “10,000 police and gendarmes will be deployed, 5,000 of which will be in the inner area of Paris, and especially around the Champs-Elysées, and 5,000 immediately outside,” said Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin.

A task to monitor the situation that can turn into a chaos. Available statistics speak of over one and a half million Moroccan citizens residing in France, with many marriages between citizens of both nationalities, while 54,000 residents of French origin reside in the North African country.

After the quarter-final matches, around 100 arrests were registered in Paris, out of around 170 nationwide, three-quarters of which were French nationals. Thus, the measures will be extreme, in an anti-terror order: “We will constantly frame all these manifestations of joy, which will often be consumed in simple family celebrations, in the context of a terrorist threat”, Darmanin specified again.

The aim is to strengthen security compared to Saturday, when several incidents were recorded after Morocco’s victory over Portugal and France’s simultaneous passage with England: on the occasion of the Moroccan success, over 20,000 people had gathered on the Champs Elysées, which – despite request of the mayor of Paris – will remain open to the public even on the occasion of the semi-final.