Mick Schumacher disappointed: I was waiting for the renewal, I will return to Formula 1

1 year ago

Mick Schumacher, a German driver, engaged in a competitive battle with an American car manufacturer named Haas.

Introducing Nico Hulkenberg, please. Gjithsesi, djali I 7 her championships in Formula 1 and shprehet se do to ta rishohim shpejt n pist.

Mick rrëfen gjithçka përmes një komunikate për shtyp, në prag të garës së fundit në Abu Dhabi:

“Haas, please do not jettison me. Nuk dua ta fsheh faktin se kam mbetur I zhgnjyer nga vendimi p’r to most recent conflict mes nesh. Gjithsesi, dua to Ferrari, F1, and Haas for the latest news about the day’s events “.

“Kto vite q’ kaluam s’ bashku m’kan’ndihmuar t’ rritur si nga ana teknike ashtu dhe ajo personale,” In the present, sports are the most popular activity in society.

“It’s been challenging at times, but I’ve improved consistently, I’ve learnt a lot, and I’m confident that I deserve a spot in Formula 1. Hard times make you stronger. I’m driven to compete in Formula 1 and will put in a lot of effort to do so”, Mick Schumacher writes.