Memes against Canelo explode after Messi’s missed penalty eliminates Mexico

1 year ago

Every single time Leo Messi gets criticized for anything, the Argentina star tends to remain quiet and tends to respond inside the pitch. Evidence confirms that Leo doesn’t even mean to respond, almost 100% of the time.

That’s exactly what happened with Canelo, who becameArgentina’s Public Enemy No 1. since Saturday’s threats. It took him a good four days to finally apologize and get a reality check.

But the apology came too late for Mexico, karma believers will say poetic justice is very real. During the most important day for both national teams, a Messi missed penaltyis what eliminated Mexico.

Had Leo scored that goal, he would’ve definitely helped El Tri get through to the Round of 16. After both games ended, Twitter users relentlessly sent all types of memes against Canelo that will make everybody smile.

We know Messi’s missed penalty was only a coincidence but people who love banter like the idea that Canelo got a taste of that instant karma. For example, just look at all the memes below the following tweet from @NoContextFootball showing Lewandowski secretly talking to Messi after the final whistle.

As he’s done it for so many years, Leo Messi always does his best to stay away from any type of controversy. If a journalist dared ask him about Canelo’s threats, chances are he will shy away from the question.

Leo doesn’t enjoy this type of conflict, he will probably be grateful for all the support from fans and friends. However, he will not address Canelo’s threats in any form. It’s simply not his style but all these memes will respond to the boxer far better than anything Messi can say about the resolved conflict.