Lewandowski’s curious ‘secret’ to improve performance

1 year ago

Robert Lewandowski is Poland’s leader, Barcelona’s main star and one of the most valued strikers worldwide. Nutrition is one of the fundamental pillars of a footballer’s career and vital to his success.

The Polish star is in fantastic shape due to a ‘reverse diet’ prepared for him by his wife, who is a nutritionist and a sportswoman.

There is a rigorous selection of foods that he can eat, and others that are completely forbidden. We don’t know how strict his nutritionist is, but it seems that they take it very seriously.

Allowed foods

Lewandowski is allowed to eat millet, brownies, pancakes, high quality fish and beet juice flavored with cayenne or cinnamon, salads, soups, dates and energy bars, as well as drink fresh juices and almond milk.

“We eat carbohydrates and proteins separately. Also, only good foods and lactose-free,” explains his wife Anna Lewandowska.

In addition, Lewandowski should eat vegetables and avocado daily, with his nutritionist recommending broccoli, zucchini, lettuce, carrots and spinach, as glycogen helps to reduce the feeling of fatigue. Meanwhile, fried and fast food are completely prohibited.

“The highest quality ingredients from the best source, local products, seasonal fruit and vegetables – this is what my daily diet is based on,” she wrote on Instagram. “I have been avoiding white sugar, raw milk and wheat.”