Kane vs Lloris: There are no secrets between the captains of England and France

1 year ago

Having spent up to nine seasons playing alongside each other at Tottenham Hotspur, Harry Kane and Hugo Lloris have a great relationship.

Both will captain their respective national teams when England face France in the quarter-finals of the 2022 World Cup on Saturday.

There is no goalkeeper who knows Kane’s movements, runs and shots better than Lloris and vice versa. The two Spurs stars have played together in 327 games.

Loyal to a club

Lloris is Spurs’ captain, but that’s a role he shares with Kane. Kane made his Spurs debut soon after the goalkeeper arrived. The Englishman joined the side’s academy at the age of 12 and made the jump to the first team in 2013/14.

“He is an exemplary guy who never gets into trouble or controversy, is always competitive and scores even when he is in poor form,” Lloris said of his team-mate.

“Both in the dressing room and outside, everyone appreciates him a lot. It’s important for me to have him around. We have a lot of trust, he’s a calm person, very honest, we respect each other a lot.”

Didier Deschamps’ assistant Guy Stephan claimed the information Lloris shared about Kane has helped the coaching staff train to keep the England striker under control.

“He knows it well, the way he shoots, his footwork, his head game, his movements,” Stephan said. “During the match there will be a duel”.

Kane did not miss the opportunity to congratulate Lloris after he equaled Lilian Thuram as France’s all-time capped player. “Hugo is a fantastic captain and a great friend,” Kane said. “I have known him for a long time, I can only congratulate him.”

The same values

The two players share values that have helped them create this friendship, as Lloris has admitted in the past. For example, their loyalty to the club, as both had the chance to leave in the past but decided to stay.

One of the most difficult moments in their career was when they lost against Liverpool in the final played in the Champions League in 2019.