Japan players clean dressing room after the win against Germany and leave a mysterious message

1 year ago

If it’s true that a competition really begins when the first surprises happen, the combination of Argentina’s and Germany’s defeats instantly gave life to the World Cup in Qatar.

The two favorite national teams for the final success already find themselves with a “rope around their throats”, with no possibility of error in the last two games of their respective groups.

Of course, the setback from Messi and his teammates was more sensational, in light of an opponent that looked largely unassuming like Saudi Arabia, while Japan are still ranked 24th in FIFA and are in short the classic bad “customer” that should not be underestimated.

Or worse, teased, as Rudiger impromptuly did with a taunting ballet that proved fatal after the reversal with goals from Doan and Asano.

The great joy of the victory of coach Moriyasu’s players against Germany quickly moved from the international stadium “Khalifa” to the Japanese cities, where fans of the national team of the Rising Sun celebrated by taking over the streets, but not forgetting their respect for the red traffic lights and green, a scene that ended with a “viral” video.

The composure and civic spirit of the Japanese people was then on full display in the gesture that saw fans at the Doha Stadium clear the stands at the end of their win over the Germans, a repeat of what happened in the opening challenge. of the World Cup between Qatar and Ecuador, when their national team did not play.

Common actions for them, but received with surprise by those who filmed those scenes. The same surprise that was painted on the faces of the cleaners of the “Khalifa” international stadium, when they opened the doors of Japan’s dressing room with buckets and cloths, after the team had left the stadium.

They expected to find the results of a wild celebration for the sensational victory, and instead a truly rare sight appeared before their eyes: not only was the dressing room clean as a mirror, but everything was in perfect order. No one could tell that a post-World Cup party had just taken place there.

The gesture of the Japanese players quickly reached the ears of FIFA, who wanted to honor Nagatomo and his teammates by publishing a note on their official Twitter profile:

“After a historic victory against Germany, on the fourth day of the Cup of the World Cup, Japanese fans cleaned up the rubbish in the stadium, while the players left the dressing room of the ‘Khalifa International Stadium’ spotless. Domo Arigato (thank you, in Japanese)”.

Do you think that is enough? No. In addition to cleaning the dressing room and leaving it as they found it, Japanese footballers have also found time to create beautiful “origami”, or compositions made by folding sheets of paper with great skill. And so appeared the paper cranes on the table in the center of the dressing room, a flock of “babies” with their “mother” in the center.

A composition that hides a message: cranes are very important animals in Japanese culture, they symbolize longevity and are depicted as good wishes. A note was left in front of the origami group by the Japanese players: “Thank you very much!” Nothing but respect for them.