Is Del Piero returning to Juventus?

1 year ago

After the increasingly insistent rumors, Alessandro Del Piero has chosen to take the floor again via social media to take stock of the rumors that would like him to be closer to returning to Juventus as a manager: “Juventus is a part of my life, and not even a small one.

For my story, I will never be other than those colors. Like all fans, I follow this story with great attention and transport. Also for my work and my public role, in situations like these, I am inevitably asked for comments, and just as inevitably a lot is written and said.

However, this is a delicate moment for the club and now the only thing that matters and that those who love Juventus can do is put the people to whom the club has been entrusted in the best possible working conditions , to guide him in this very complex phase.

It is a task of great responsibility that deserves all our support, it is time to be even more Juventus-like. This is why I think it is right not to comment are news and indiscretions, which perhaps can then turn into speculation. So I do today and so I will do for the next few days.

I just want to wish a good job to all those who are dealing with Juventus today, they will do it with the professionalism, dedication and passion – I’m sure – that the Club, the fans, our shirt deserve”.