In the photo of Messi and Ronaldo, there are three details that you did not notice – there is a hidden meaning

1 year ago

A few hours before the start of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, a photo appeared that is destined to become iconic. Because Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo were immortalized together.

The two strongest footballers in the world, two players who have marked a very long era and who compete in the fifth World Cup, equaling a historical record.

But in that image, shot by renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz for a Louis Vuitton campaign, there are also a number of details that have a hidden meaning.

35 years for Messi, 37 for Ronaldo. Both are experiencing the last phase of their careers. The Argentinian is in good shape, he shone with PSG, the Portuguese has played little this year, he lives apart at home with Manchester United, the last interview created a stir between him and the Red Devils.

Now everything is canceled because there is a big goal to achieve, the victory in the World Cup. The ultimate goal for every footballer, especially for Leon and Cristiano, never friends, forever rivals, who only lack this and who suddenly ended up together in a photo.

On Saturday, November 19, the same photo was published on the respective social profiles of the two phenomena, practically simultaneously, taken by photographer Annie Leibovitz, who immortalized them for Vuitton. Messi and Ronaldo are sitting, looking down, playing chess. The expression of both is very intense.

They give the idea of ​​studying the winning move to defeat the other. Soon thousands and thousands of likes and comments arrived on their profiles, not sparing the players of yesterday and today.

Looking more closely at that photo, you notice some pretty interesting details, details that have a precise but partially hidden meaning. The first has to do with the bag in which the chess board is placed and the chess women are placed. Because that suitcase is the one in which the FIFA World Cup will be held. So the choice is anything but random…

The second one is just as interesting and probably made the two footballers agree on that photo. Because enthusiasts who watch the chess position have noticed the call for a specific game.

The strongest contemporary chess player Magnus Carlsen shared a user’s post recalling the moves of a challenge between the same Norwegian and Nakamura, which ended in a draw.

The third is about the two protagonists who are immortalized together in that photo, but who actually posed separately for those photos. Louis Vuitton has published the behind the scenes and it can be seen that the two footballers practiced the photo session in two distinct moments.

But there is a hidden meaning. Because obviously looking at that photo one thinks above all about their great rivalry, which is now fading. Rivalry that has seen, even fiercely, opposing fronts between those who claim that Messi is the strongest and those who are fans of Ronaldo’s team.

A debate that will probably never find a solution. In this World Cup, both will have their last chance to win, because it seems difficult to imagine them on the field in four years in North America. And this World Cup may finally tip the balance towards one of the two champions.