“He’s unlucky”, Matthaus warns Messi: Even if he won the World Cup, he won’t overcome Maradona

1 year ago

Who is better qualified to discuss the World Cup and the top athletes in the world than someone who has won both the Cup and the Ballon d’Or? Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, two of the biggest names in football, are in for a treat when they compete in Qatar, according to Lothar Matthäus.

The World Champion and Ballon d’Or winner in 1990 discusses the potential for Argentina and Portugal great Portugal in his Bild column.

Maradona and Messi – Matthäus believes the Argentine has a chance to bring home the trophy. The German claims that even if he is successful, he will be unable to escape a very large shadow.

Messi is capable of winning the title of global champion. Argentina performed admirably in the qualifying rounds and hasn’t lost in 35 games since July 2019! Although it is unknown whether Messi will participate in the next World Cup at the age of 39, winning the championship on his fifth attempt would be the apex of his international career.

But even if he wins the title of world champion, Diego Maradona, my adversary and dear buddy, will still be the best. The first World Cup without him will take place. Messi is also unlucky because Maradona, who had both genius and tragedy, is still considered the greatest player of all time, at least among Argentines. an icon. undoubtedly a religion

Portugal, led by CR7, had difficulty winning in Qatar. Speaking of the Lusitanian, Matthäus is compelled to emphasize the significance of the current circumstance.

“Ronaldo is comparable to Messi in terms of ability, but he is two years older and most likely won’t be participating in the World Cup. He obviously chooses the worst scenario imaginable to fly to Qatar since things are not going well. his time at Manchester United goes nicely.

“Despite this, I don’t think there’s any chance he won’t start for Portugal and serve as their captain. And given that the team plays for him, I’m also confident that a role model player like him will be crucial because he will be able to keep his independence.

“When he plays for Manchester United, he is confined to a more constrained tactical environment. And his interview against everyone and everything reveals the depth of his annoyance. At Manchester, he has no future”. However, in Qatar, who knows?