“Don’t call him Griezmann anymore”, Pogba and Drogba have a new name for the French star

12 months ago

He should be a striker but Antoine Griezmann, for his France, is really ready to do everything. He had already been seen in the past assuming a more distant role from goal: a mix between attacking midfielder and in this edition of the World Cup in Qatar 2022, everything has become even more evident.

Even the semi-final against Morocco was no different for him. Playing between attack, midfield and defence, Le Petit Diable was also voted man of the match. In addition to this, here comes the praise of two big names in football: the former bomber Didier Drogba and the midfielder Paul Pogba.

In a story on Instagram, the Juventus midfielder, absent from the World Cup due to injury, wanted to praise the great performance of his national team mate who, as mentioned. he also played with Morocco as an “all-rounder”.

Pogba has thus coined a new nickname for the Atletico Madrid footballer by combining his surname with that of another illustrious absentee in France such as N’Golo Kante. Griezmann has thus become ‘Griezmannkante’.

A nickname that Drogba also liked, evidently, who commented to the BBC: “Antoine Griezmann surprised me with his style on the pitch. He plays very intelligently and his technique is really top notch. He seems to play more like Kante than Griezmann!”