Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates the World Cup ahead of time with an 8 million euro gift to himself

1 year ago

Cristiano Ronaldo has bought himself a Bugatti Centodieci, which is now the most expensive, wild, powerful, lavish and exclusive Bugatti of the modern era.

And although he hasn’t shown it publicly on Instagram yet (let’s face it, the Portuguese star loves to show off his cars), perhaps he’s awaiting his return from the World Cup in Qatar with a handful of goals under his arm and a photo of himself lifting the World Cup in everyone’s memory to hint that he won it.

Cristiano’s new toy has cost him eight million euros without taking into account the taxes he will have to pay in his country. A barbaric no doubt, but the figure can be laughable even for the player himself if we consider that he earns more than 40 million a year just thanks to the products he promotes on his Instagram account, where he counts 502 million followers.

The Centodieci is a hyper sports car that uses the French brand’s usual W16 8.0 block, which in this case has been tuned to provide an output of 1,600 horsepower, 100 more than in the Chiron. The performance it achieves is that of a true ‘warrior’ on asphalt: 2.4 seconds to go from 0 to 100, 6.1 to reach 0 to 200 and 13.1 to reach 300 km/h from a standstill.

And if it continues, its momentum can take it up to 380 km/h… electronically limited, because the engine is capable of much more.

And, what is no less important for those with money to burn: to preserve its value, only ten of these cars were built. They bear no numbering, but the order of production is marked by the chassis number. Can you guess which unit is Ronaldo’s? Why, number 7 of course.

In fact, rumors that the Portuguese star might have been interested in the car arose two years ago, but Bugatti neither confirmed nor denied it. Discretion with potential multi-millionaire clients is paramount, and Ronaldo’s case is no different. And this proof has come with some images shared by the Portuguese media Maisfutebol days before the start of the World Cup.

In the photo, the Bugatti Centodieci is seen leaving Portugal’s national training complex in the city of Oeiras, on the outskirts of Lisbon. Who else could it be?

In the footage taken in the middle of the night, the white Bugatti (a color that perhaps inadvertently reminds us of Real Madrid) is seen leaving the premises, apparently accompanied by a Mercedes SUV that follows a few meters away and where they could travel his bodyguards.

It is true that there is no way to confirm that it is Cristiano who drives it, but it is also true that Bugatti is very selective when it comes to choosing its customers and that no one from the Portuguese camp would have been approved by Bugatti for that. car (remember: there are only ten) apart from Ronaldo.

In fact, the relationship between the footballer and the French brand goes back a long way, as Cristiano already owns a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse that he bought in 2016 and a Chiron that he bought a year later, both still in Madrid.

As he waits to see what Portugal are capable of at the World Cup in Qatar (the Portuguese national team kicks off against Ghana tomorrow), Cristiano can look forward to enjoying the Centodieci…but where will he lead him? With his future at the club up in the air, that’s a big question that remains to be answered.