Budweiser against FIFA: “Give us back 50 million” But it should be careful…

1 year ago

Budweiser is ready to ask FIFA for a reduction of around 50 million euros on the sponsorship deal signed with the world football federation, after the clash over the sale of beer in stadiums in Qatar. Indeed, in recent days FIFA, with the World Cup already underway, at the request of the Arab country had in fact officially communicated the halt to the sale of Budweiser-branded alcoholic beer in the areas adjacent to the facilities where the World Cup is being played.

“It’s a shame”, the content of a tweet later deleted from the official account of the US brand, which in recent days then explained that the consideration for alcoholic beers not sold in Qatar will go to the country that will raise the cup in the final.

However, the company’s non-alcoholic brand, Bud Zero, is still available in stadiums, and alcohol is still available in fan zones and some licensed venues, reports the Sun. However, there would still be legal reasons to go to a fight with FIFA, but the US brand has set its sights on the 2026 World Cup (there is already a 110 million euro contract) and for this reason it does not want to break with the international football federation

The goal is therefore to ask for a reduction in the consideration for the 2026 World Cup of around 50 million euros, thus bringing the agreement to a definitive figure of around 60 million euros. If an agreement cannot be reached between the two parties, the brand could take legal action against FIFA for breach of contract, a move that could cost the world governing body much more.

The great unknown of the World Cup in Qatar – but where will all the beer go? Our most attentive readers will remember that, in the beginning, Budweiser – one of the main sponsors of the event – managed to get permission from the Qatari authorities to sell it only in the three hours before kick-off and up to an hour after traditional triple whistle. Which of course meant no beer (or other spirits, of course) in the stands, but in fact it seemed like a good compromise between respecting trade agreements and respecting local laws.

Budweiser will give the winning country all the beer prepared for the Qatar World Cup2022 worth of €75 million. It is also expected that the company will sue FIFA for breach of contract – the sale of beer was banned a few days before the start of the championship.