Blackmail and torture, CNN makes the shocking discovery about Iran’s national team

1 year ago

According to CNN’s Sam Kiley, the families of Iran’s World Cup soccer players have been threatened with imprisonment and torture if they don’t behave in the match against the USA.

According to a CNN report, family members of Iran’s World Cup soccer players have been blackmailed with possible imprisonment and torture if the team doesn’t “behave” before its match against the USMNT on Tuesday.

Iran’s protest in its opening game against England, which was subtle but also spoke volumes, consisted of refusing to sing along to the country’s national anthem.

An anonymous source informed CNN that Iran’s players were then summoned to a meeting with members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps.

According to that source, they were informed that their families would face “violence and torture” if they did not sing the anthem or join any protests against the Tehran regime.

The threats clearly worked, as all the players who lined out in Iran’s win against Wales in the next game sang the national anthem.

One that, unsurprisingly, is likely to happen once again in the Middle Eastern country’s flagship match against the United States.

Iran, which is just across the Persian Gulf from Qatar, has had the luxury of sending government agents to Qatari grounds during the World Cup. “There are a large number of Iranian security officers in Qatar gathering information and monitoring the players,” the source told CNN.

Not only that, but apparently a large contingent of actors had been sent to the world’s biggest sporting event to pose as pro-regime actors against Wales. And there will be even more for the match against America at the Al Thumama Stadium in Doha.

“In the last game against Wales, the regime sent over hundreds of these supporting actors to create a false sense of support and favor among the fans. For the next game against the USA, the regime is planning to significantly increase the number of actors to thousands.”