Among the Argentine players is Messi’s bodyguard: he does not leave him for a moment

12 months ago

Argentina are in the round of 16 of the World Cup in Qatar after making their fans suffer with a sensational opening defeat against Saudi Arabia: subsequent wins against Mexico and Poland gave the Albiceleste top spot in the group and will now face Australia on Saturday, and then, if they win. could challenge the winner between the Netherlands and the United States in the quarterfinals.

At the age of 35, Leo Messi – the author of two goals and one assist in the tournament so far – is looking good to continue his excellent first half of the season with PSG, and more than ever ready to gave his people another joy after the Copa America won last year.

The champion from Rosario is the ultimate leader of a handful of people ready to follow him in all aspects, supporting him when the ball should sing and protecting him when the atmosphere on the field gets heated and someone dares to threaten the integrity of Pleshti.

The compactness of Scaloni’s Argentina (which before the loss against the Saudis was unbeaten in 36 consecutive matches) – the expression of a team willing to follow its leader anywhere – is vividly depicted in a video that portrays the Selección’s players before enter the field to play the decisive match against Poland.

The unwavering gaze of the players, their slow but decisive walk, show better than any words the maximum level of concentration in the Albiceleste dressing room.

The captain is in front of everyone, surrounded by two non-random men, Leandro Paredes on his right and Rodrigo de Paul on the other, two players who, even on the pitch, will be ready to gnash their teeth if anyone tries to bully Messi.

In particular, de Paul has repeatedly ended up in viral videos in the past in which he is seen as a real ‘bodyguard’ to Leo, to the point where he even ‘walks’ him at the end of matches when he says goodbye. opposing players or be surrounded by fans for selfies and autographs.

A constant defense of the Atletico Madrid midfielder, who, moreover, from the films in question, seems to be appreciated by Messi himself, who always finds the Udinese player behind him.

After all, Rodrigo is well aware that in Qatar he has the chance of a lifetime to write his name in football history if he wins the World Cup with Argentina. A goal that necessarily passes through the legs, the health and calmness of the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner, a national heritage that must be preserved at all costs from malicious people.

Some have argued in the past that Messi lacked leadership, conflating his aversion to shouting and strong gestures with his lack of ability to influence the dressing room.

You only have to watch how the video preceding Argentina-Poland ends to realize that it’s the exact opposite: Leo turns, looks at all his teammates, conveys the strength of the leader to them, and then runs onto the pitch followed by the troops.

“The respect for the greatest in this video is absolute madness,” wrote Udinese striker Gerard Deulofeu in the video’s commentary, who played with Messi at Barcelona and knows what he is talking about.