Aguero: I s**t myself when I heard Canelo’s audio message

12 months ago

Canelo Alvarez was not pleased when he saw a video showing Lionel Messi stepping on a Mexico shirt during celebration after Argentina’s 2-0 win over the Mexican national team in the 2022 World Cup.

The famous boxer expressed his frustration against Messi, but Sergio Aguero stood by his former teammate, something that didn’t sit well with Canelo, who hit out at the former Manchester City striker.

Talking to Spanish streamer Ibai Llanos, Aguero revealed that Canelo sent him an audio on WhatsApp. “He sent me an audio,” Aguero said. “Do you know how much I s**t myself? When I saw my WhatsApp and I read ‘Canelo audio message’ I said ‘oh, s**t’. He told me: ‘You s**thead, I liked you, a**hole’.

“I replied: ‘Mr. Canelo, I think you’re wrong, you do not know Leo, at no time was he stepping on the Mexico shirt. Admit that you’re wrong’, and he told me to respect his opinion”.

Mexico captain Andres Guardado had previously spoken out in support of Messi after he came in for public criticism from Alvarez. “I have had the fortune and privilege to face Messi for many years in Spain and to live moments like those of my son (Messi took a picture with his son). I know the person Leo is,” Guardado told TyC Sports.

“Unfortunately Canelo doesn’t understand what it’s like in a locker room and that’s why he had this reaction to seeing Mexico’s jersey on the ground.

“But I think it’s silly, it’s not important. Leo has had many moments, not only with me. What has been generated is to sell something or generate controversy.”